Introducing Boks!

Remembrance of Things Past (by Marcel Proust, dontcha know) is too long - 4,215 pages. A tweet is too short - 280 characters at most. 

What if there were something in the middle? A digestible visual/text experience that doesn't waste your time or insult your intelligence.

Presenting: the BOK!

Not quite a book, but also not a picture of someone's lunch.

Marlowe T. Bochs (a coincidental nom de plume, I assure you) is creating boks for your enjoyment.  

What's in the boks?!

Surprises! This is not a branding exercise. Each bok is its own world. Some will lean toward the traditional. Others will be beyond the pale. They are likely to skim the surface of popular culture before disappearing up the black hole at the center of their own (m)ass! Genre is a prison and some of these ideas have been very, very bad. Fiction, Non-fiction, non-non-fiction, commentary, catalog, comic bok, phone bok, nothing is off limits. 

If you made it through this description ...
If you desire challenge over comfort ...
If you'd rather fail trying than simply succeed at survival ...

Boks are for you!

Details coming soon. Satan not included.